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TMS is a first-tier company in this industry by working closely together with equipment manufacturers and navigation solution providers, as well as other specialists in the field. Through many partnerships, we plays a key role in the continual innovation of in-vehicle navigation and infotainment systems.

Safety Behind The Wheel

TMS wildly delivers real-time information like traffic events to various leading GPS manufacturers and on-dash map providers. Road safety is our first priority!

On-Board Unit Solutions

Multiple data formats including RDS-TMC, connected TPEG, connected XML and DVB-T, etc.


The broadest coverage of broadcast is currently available nationwide in Taiwan– accessible by thousands of devices. It’s the simplest way to get informed on road via onboard navigation systems and personal GPS devices.


Our most flexible service providing diversified information inclusive of traffic events, weather, and fuel price. Available for all types of in-car GPS navigator or PND.

Information On The Go

It appears that we are living in a mobile world right now!

You will find Traffic Information applications Powered by TMS everywhere, on all kinds of mobile platforms– either in the form of mobile Apps like i68 or via information portals run by the network operators themselves.

Capable of developing customized products, TMS provides your clients with polished, delightful experiences of your travel Apps.

Compatible Device: PND, PC, Tablet, Smart Phone...

Information Is Everywhere











What We Do for Governments

Our Web Packs are turnkey solutions, enabling seamless integration of different websites into an aggregated one.

A city needs a customized platform to accurately deliver its traffic information no matter to local or nonnative users.

That is why TMS is here to accomplish the mission.

What We Do for Business Partners

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for people who need the information.

We deliver traffic information that adapts to any medium and works on any platform, beautifully. Our 1968 solutions are rapidly becoming the favorable source for every kind of information channel and platform such as Web, Apps, RDS-TMC, TPEG, Voice, XML, you name it! Your demands of Accuracy, Reliability, and Satisfaction are our top priority. 1968 would be the most suitable solutions to tackle your traffic problem!

Make Your Product Skyrocket

TMS is focusing on enhancing the travel experience through real-time information and enabling new transportation insights by analysis and planning. Our data feeds including nationwide timetable, infrastructure information, and transportation service running across all transport modes, are available for integration by web and app developers.

We also offer customized plans for transport information API so you can build services on seamlessly-scale basis that matches your usage and provide a service-level agreement. Our platform is based on cloud service, delivering industry-leading solutions so that you have complete control over your solution and access to a wide range of usage. Our transport API content is specially made for consumer apps from local authorities, map sites, operator analytics, journey planning.

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